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It doesn’t matter if you have terrible handwriting or never learned cursive in school, you can learn to write cursive. Consistent Cursive uses a systematic approach to teaching cursive so that you start with the most basic concepts and forms before tackling more complex ones.

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Course Intro – Welcome
Course Intro – Download the Worksheets
Course Intro – Supplies
Course Intro – Create a Before Sample
Lesson 1 – Body Position
Lesson 2 – Pen Grip
Lesson 3 – Paper Position
Lesson 4 – The Cursive Grid
Lesson 5 – What is Consistency?
Lesson 6 – What does it mean to learn cursive?
Lesson 7 – Letterforms: Intro
Lesson 8 – Letterforms: i, u, w
Note – How to Practice
Common Problems – The Connective Slant
Lesson 9 – Letterforms: e
Lesson 10 – Letterforms: O, A, C
Lesson 11 – Letterforms: o, a, c
Lesson 12 – Letterforms: E, D
Lesson 13 – Letterforms: m, n, x, v
Lesson 14 – Letterforms: r, s
Lesson 15 – Letterforms: P, B, R

Lesson 16 – Letterforms: t, d, p
Lesson 17 – Letterforms: J, I
Lesson 18 – Letterforms: l, b, h, k
Lesson 19 – Letterforms: H, K
Lesson 20 – Letterforms: q, f
Lesson 21 – Letterforms: N, M
Lesson 22 – Letterforms: W, X
Lesson 23 – Letterforms: j, g, y, z
Lesson 24 – Letterforms: T, F, S
Lesson 25 – Letterforms: L, G
Lesson 26 – Letterforms: V, U, Y
Lesson 27 – Letterforms: Q, Z
Lesson 28 – Letterforms: Figures
Bonus – Lowercase Variations
Bonus – Capital Variations
Project – Create with Cursive
Wrap-Up – Create an After Sample
Wrap-Up – What’s Next?
Note – Contact Me
Exclusive – Spacing between letters & words
Exclusive – Writing across the page
Exclusive – Developing individual style
Exclusive – How to write faster

Cursive lowercase alphabet
The lowercase letters you will learn.
Cursive capitals alphabet
The capital letters you will learn.

Or start by downloading the worksheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course really free?

Yes, it is 100% free. If you’d like to download the worksheets and access the exclusive bonus content, you must sign up for the mailing list.

Do I need any prior experience with cursive or handwriting to take this course?

The ability to write by hand is the only prerequisite. Young children will probably need the help of an adult to make it through the course.

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course could be completed in a week or months, depending on your skill level and commitment. Feel free to go at your own pace.

What kind of cursive writing will I be learning?

The course teaches a standard American cursive script, rooted in the tradition of American penmanship. The forms are similar to “Business Penmanship” or “Palmer Method”. The arm-writing approach of Palmer Method is not covered in this course, however, this course is a great start if you want to learn Palmer Method. You can learn more about The Palmer Method at ThePalmerMethod.com.

Can left-handed writers take this course?

Everything about writing cursive is the same for left-handers as it is for right-handers, except for how you position your hand and body relative to the writing. In the lesson on paper position, I speak directly to the left-handers and provide a method for writing that will allow you to execute the cursive forms without smudging your writing.

Why learn cursive writing?

Cursive is a very practical style of writing that holds significance in American culture. Cursive handwriting is seen as more mature, professional, and beautiful than print or manuscript writing. Technically, cursive is a flowing script that many find conducive to taking notes or getting thoughts down on the page.

How can I learn cursive?

Consistent Cursive is a free and comprehensive course for learning cursive. It uses a systematic approach that anyone can follow to learn cursive. Start learning cursive right now by watching the first video.

Your Instructor

A picture of David, the course instructor

Consistent Cursive was created by David DiGiovanni, aka Perfect Biscuits on YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit (shout out to /r/Handwriting). David has spent countless hours studying American penmanship since 2016, focusing on practical scripts like cursive. He has posted over 100 videos on YouTube teaching cursive.

David also studies and teaches the traditional method of writing called, “muscular movement” (aka Palmer Method), where the arm is used to write cursive script. Consistent Cursive does not teach muscular movement, but is a great first step towards learning it. You can learn more about muscular movement at ThePalmerMethod.com.

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